Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Amazing

Today has been a very trying day for me. Normally I would just shut down because of all the unnecessary drama but today is blog day. I told myself when I started this blog that I would post at least once every three days. Soo... Here it goes. 

Just like most anyone I love free stuff. Getting stuff free in the mail always brightens my day, even gives me something to look forward to when I request samples. My never ending search for free samples brought me to one of the best websites I have ever found for free samples. is a great website that offers free samples for tons of brands, all boxed together an shipped to you COMPLETELY FREE. Every Tuesday they offer new samples for you to request, catered to your interests an household. The only thing they ask is that you give a review on the samples you receive. Super simple, just answer a few multiple choice questions and give a quick personal opinion, voila you receive points. Which brings me to another awesome fact about this website, as you build points up you advance to higher Pinchme levels. After reaching level 2 you are entered in monthly sweepstakes that could win you really good gift cards. Not just 5 or 10 dollar cards but cards worth $50-$250 dollars. What more can a person ask for? Spending maybe a total of one hour per week on a site that not only sends you great free samples but also gives you the chance to win other prizes. 
I absolutely love this site, I recommend it to everyone, that's why I am putting it out for the world to see on my blog. Everyone deserves to be a part of this amazing site. 
I have been a member for nearly one month so far, I just recieved my first Pinchme box in the mail not long ago. Keep in mind I was late in the week getting started my first time so many samples were out of stock already (I suggest making sure to login on Tuesdays around 12 so that you don't miss out). My first box 
A free sample of coffee, my heart was won right then. A complete caramel macchiato kit, which just happens to be my favorite hot drink. It was delicious might I add. I had never tried this brands kit, but after I did I invested in a box for myself. I probably would have never tried it had I not got the sample from the wonderful folks at Pinchme. 
 My next box is full of even more goodies though Clear shampoo, Method Laundry detergent, and Sauve lotion. I'm so excited to get the new stuff an try it all out. 
This site offers so many different brands also, like so many other families in these times I don't really have money to spend on things that I don't know if I will like or not. That's the great thing about using this site for samples, I can try out all sorts of products from so many different brands. If I like it I have the option to purchase through Pinchme's site or I can go to my local supermarket an pick it up knowing for sure I am not wasting money. 
Point is, everyone should try Pinchme, if you love free samples and little gifts for free you will love using this site. I now have a reason to look forward to Tuesdays, it's my free sample day, and I never know what amazing new thing I will get to check out and be a part of. 
I hope everyone goes an gives these guys a shot, I really think it is a great idea they have come up with. I love it. 


Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Introduction

So, first off, my name is Tasha. I am currently a 25 year old slacker by my own admission. Do I plan to change that? Yes. Is it going to be easy? No, of course not. 
In all honesty I have spent most of my 25 years on this Earth as a complete and total mess. I admit that the silver spoon lifestyles of the rich and famous has never happened to me. I come from a crazy family and my parents are not exactly role models. I have dealt with many issues in my short life so far including but surely not limited to abandonment issues, shitty troublemaking boyfriends, lack of education, and most prominent and problematic being substance abuse. 
I came very close to letting all of the bad ruin my life for good, however with much encouragement from an amazing friend(Katie, which you will hear more about later) I have found the power to turn things around.
 I have a vast love for music and fashion, I also love writing. So even though I will be using this blog to do reviews and suggestions, I am also using this blog as a jumping off point to keep me focused on creating this new me. 
This blog is probably going to be all over the place as far as topics go, don't expect a watered down review blog that suggests every product or idea sound amazing, that is not what I am about. I plan to put my own personal touch on all blog posts, anything said will be solely my personal opinion which not everyone will agree with. 
A little more about me:
  I love all things 1990s
  I am an avid supporter of different substance abuse helplines and websites
  True Blood is one of my very favorite shows
  When I am down, Blind Melon brings me back up
  I am honestly out of touch with most of my peers

As I write more blogs my personality will surely begin to shine through. Please stay tuned in for the ride. 
-Tasha circa Late January 2014